Drost Park Khoury League of Maryville, Illinois

Manager Information

  • RAINOUT INFORMATION , it is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM Manager to contact the AWAY TEAM Manager to reschedule rained-out games.   (updated 05/05/05)

  • ATTENTION COACH PITCH and TEE-BALL MANAGERS:   The 'ILLOGICAL PLAY' rule will be enforced during your games. The rules states:
    • A defensive player may NOT make an unassisted out UNLESS it is a logical baseball play. All fielders must make a throw when it is logical play. This applies to all positions so that the children may learn the proper technique of the sport. When an umpire declares that an illogical play has occurred, all play will stop, the ball will be declared dead, and all base runners called safe and entitled to the base determined by the umpire.

  • Reminder to all Managers , it is YOUR responsibility to clean up the dugouts after each game or practice.  Thanks   (updated 09/09/15)


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